2020 m. July 6
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White Manor House (F. Walicki’s Villa)

In 1866, Alexander Losev, a nobleman, colonel of Special Corps of Gendarmes, bought land near the Tuskulėnai manor and started a white small manor. He was one of the suppressors of the 1863–1864 Uprising, a loyal aid of Mikhail Muravyov- the Hanger, a member of investigation commission. In 1928, engineer Franciszek Walicki, head of the Vilnius city geological service, acquired a dilapidated house with belonging residential and farm structures. The white small manor was reconstructed and regained its former appearance.


White Manor House (F. Walicki`s Villa)


In postwar years a white small manor was used as a summer-house for the NKGB – MGB – MVD ministers. Later it housed a kindergarten of the KGB staff was used as apartments for the KGB officers.

When conducting archeological investigations, an antique ceramic kiln was detected. The well-known ceramic master Dainius Strazdas restored its fragments.

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