2020 m. July 6
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The Memorial Complex of the Tuskulėnai Peace Park invites to book a survey tour and a documentary review.

Survey tour

  • In the Tuskulėnai Park, within 1944-1947, people, who were imprisoned in the basements of the KGB (NKGB-MGB) inner prison, tortured and killed, on whom death penalty was imposed, were buried secretly. During a survey tour, visitors may attend the chapel-columbarium and to pay tribute to the victims of executions buried here, to see the Tuskulėnai manor palace and a storage house (officina), a white small manor (F. Walicki’s villa), which in the postwar years were given over to the NKVD, to admire the chapel of St. Theresa.
    (Tour lasts for 45 minutes)

    A visit to the museum exhibition Secrets of Tuskulėnai Manor

    Visitors to the museum exhibition learn about how death sentences developed by the Soviet totalitarian regime were passed and carried out. They also learn about the victims executed at Vilnius NKGB-MGB prison and secretly brought and buried in the territory of Tuskulėnai Manor in 1944–1947. Biographies of organisers and implementers of the executions and the methods used by Soviet repressive structures are also available. The exhibition also presents the history of Tuskulėnai Manor from the 16th century to the present day.




You may book tours at the administration of the Memorial Complex of Tuskulėnai Peace Park:

by phone +370 (5) 275 1223, +370 (5) 275 2547 and
e-mail: tuskulenai@genocid.lt
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