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The Popular Anti-Soviet Resistance: 1954–1991

After the armed resistance had been suppressed, people continued to fight the system imposed by the Soviets, its ideology and the way of life.

The visual material, original proclamations and documents, periodicals and other samizdat publications on display show the popular national resistance, trends in the movement which formed in the 1960s and 1970s, and the organisations which developed them. The National Revival Movement, called the “Singing Revolution”, which resulted in the reestablishment of the independent state, is also reflected in the exhibition.

From the exhibition

The darkroom of the KGB

During the years of the existence of the Soviet repressive agencies, this room served as a darkroom. Photographs of underground publications, leaflets, people under surveilance and unsanctioned gatherings were made here. Some of them show the KGB at work and celebrating. Behind the partition, surviving furniture and equipment are on display. Some interior details have been recreated.

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