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The KGB: 1954–1991

Although in the 1950s the political regime that was introduced by Stalin started to relax, a newly established repressive institution, the KGB, went on persecuting dissidents.

By using documents regulating KGB activities, equipment that has survived, methodological material, forms used and other documentary material, attempts have been made to show the methods of the KGB as a department which fulfilled the functions of the political police in the Soviet Union, and to show its exceptional place in the Soviet political system.

Alongside the evidence of oppression carried out by the regime are displayed Soviet emblems that were in the offices of the KGB, images of meetings and demonstrations, and other material, which reflects clearly the reality of Soviet life, the difference between public life and the reality based on fear, compulsion and restrictions.

From the exhibition

In order to recreate, even partly, the atmosphere of total surveillance and control during the years of the Soviet power, video cameras have been installed in the exhibition, and visitors can see themselves on the screens in one of the rooms.

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