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Lithuanian civilians in soviet prisons and labour camps: 1944–1956

A shelf with prisoners’ personal belongings

In the second half of 1944, after the Soviet Union occupied Lithuania again, the repression of peaceful inhabitants of the country was immediately renewed.
This hall is devoted to political prisoners in Soviet prisons and labour camps. It holds an exhibition of their photographs taken in independent Lithuania and in places of imprisonment, documents of the repressive bodies and memoranda of the Vorkuta rebels, clothes and footwear worn in labour camps, home-made crosses, prayer books and greetings cards.

Documentary material showing the scale and methods of the repression and the appalling working and living conditions of the prisoners is on display. It demonstrates the Soviet penal system. At the same time, it is a story about people and their desperate attempts not to yield to the humiliating reality, not to lose their dignity and hope.

From the exhibition
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