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The unarmed anti-Soviet resistance
The material held in the museum about the unarmed resistance is still not abundant; it is gradually being supplemented and put in order. The basis of it is formed from material seized by the KGB during the Soviet period from dissidents, and from citizens sympathising with them: books, underground publications and documents. Almost all issues of The Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania are held, as well as the underground magazines and newspapers Aušra, Vytis, Alma Mater, Laisvės šauklys, Dievas ir Tėvynė, Tautos kelias, etc. In recent years, some interesting photographs reflecting the dissident movement and its members have been acquired. Contacts made with former dissidents give the hope that the collection will be supplemented by valuable and interesting material.

Lithuanians in prisons and places of deportation
This collection consists of material brought to the museum by people themselves or collected during expeditions. It contains photographs, and also some original documents and objects. It is constantly being supplemented. People who kept their or their relatives’ possessions from their places of deportation or prison have brought them to the museum in the belief that this is the only way of restoring them and keeping them properly.

The armed anti-Soviet resistance
This collection was started just after the foundation of the museum, on the basis of documents found in the central KGB building in Vilnius. It consists of partisans’ documents, photographs and publications, which were confiscated by the MGB from partisans or their supporters and were not included in their criminal trials as material evidence. The collection was supplemented with various items supplied by people or organisations, or found during fieldwork. The collection is still being completed. People who signed by their pseudonyms and unknown partisans still have to be identified.

The activities of secret Soviet institutions
This collection contains objects found in 1992 in the former KGB building. Valuable exhibits were found in the museum of “Chekist Fame”, the Operative Technical Department, a specialised library, a photography laboratory and other rooms of KGB workers. The collection is still being supplemented: interesting exhibits were acquired from the Lithuanian Special Archive, private persons, and antique shops.

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