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Justinas Sajauskas
Pavadinimas: Unforgettable Names of Lithuania
Autorius: Justinas Sajauskas
ISBN: 978-609-8037-50-0 ir 978-609-8074-37-6
Puslapiai: 360
Formatas: 21x14.8, kieti viršeliai
Kaina: 8 €

Santrauka: The literary miniatures vividly depict the life of Lithuanian partisans, signalmen, supporters of the resistance struggle and post-war reality in Lithuania. Resolute courage and cowardice, loyalty to the ideals of freedom and betrayals, serious considerations and mischievous smile, reality and artistic artifice - all are linked and intertwined, or maybe deliberately twisted, for us to compare and conceive. The author of the book strives neither to embellish nor to belittle the events of that time. He barely sensitively and creatively witnesses.

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