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Thierry Pinet
Pavadinimas: La Résistance armée des Lituaniens contre le pouvoir soviétique (1944–1953)
Autorius: Thierry Pinet
ISBN: 978-9955-463-24-5
Puslapiai: 182
Formatas: 13x20, minkšti viršeliai
Kaina: 4,30 €

Santrauka: The Belgian historian Thierry Pinet wrote a study about the armed Lithuanian resistance to the Soviet rule and partisan war. The author maintained contacts with the Lithuanian long-term émigré diplomat Dr. Stasys Bačkis and visited Lithuania. When writing the work Th. Pinet most of all used document collections, memoirs and studies, published in emigration in the English language, as well modern Lithuanian research, first of all books by Nijolė Gaškaitė and Kęstutis Kasparas. In the monograph the author combined successfully the scientific approach and vivid presentation understood by non-specialists. The publication contains quite a lot of photos; the bibliography is given at the end. This book will be useful to all who can read in the French language, who are interested in the 20th-century history of Lithuania and East Europe.

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