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Rokas Tracevskis
Pavadinimas: The Real History of Lithuania in the 20th Century
Autorius: Rokas Tracevskis
ISBN: 978-609-8037-31-9
Puslapiai: 192
Formatas: 12x20, minkšti viršeliai
Kaina: 7 €

Santrauka: The Real History of Lithuania in the 20th Century is for those interested in the history of Lithuania. Some parts of this history are seen through the eyes of one of its witnesses, Rokas Tracevskis. Actually, this is a mixture of an academic book on history, and a book of memoirs by witnesses. There are lots of photos: the key political figures who influenced the history of Lithuania in the 20th century, the Soviet terror, the Nazi occupation, the Holocaust, post-WWII anti-Soviet guerrillas, Soviet-era deportees, Communist bosses, Soviet monuments, everyday Soviet life, the Singing Revolution, and the Soviet army attack in January 1991 – some of them are frightening, while some other photos are quite humorous or surrealistic.

Where to purchase The Real History of Lithuania in the 20th Century: www.patogupirkti.lt.

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