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Danutė Gailienė
Pavadinimas: The Psychology of Extreme Traumatisation/ The Aftermath of Political Repression
Autorius: Edited by Danutė Gailienė
ISBN: 9955-463-05-8
Puslapiai: 230
Formatas: 14x21 minkšti viršeliai
Kaina: 5,80 €

Santrauka: The history of 20th-century Europe, with its two totalitarian regimes, is market by repression, persecution and human suffering. Millions of people were killed, and millions of lives were affected. It only became possible to investigate the consequences of the Nazi and communist regimes after they had collapsed. In this book, researchers from Canada, Germany, Lithuania, Norway and Switzerland draw on different experiences to examine the aftermath of long-lasting traumatisation.

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