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Dalia Kuodytė ir Rokas Tracevskis
Pavadinimas: The Unknown War. Armed anti-Soviet Resistance in Lithuania in 1944–1953
Autorius: Compiled by Dalia Kuodytė and Rokas Tracevskis
ISBN: 9986-757-59-2
Puslapiai: 50
Formatas: 12X20, minkšti su atvartais viršeliai
Kaina: 3 €

Santrauka: The Unknown War. Armed anti-Soviet Resistance in Lithuania in 1944–1953 presents one the biggest and longest guerrilla wars in Europe in the 20th century. The Lithuanian partisan war was and still remains unknown in the West. Such a situation was caused by the Iron Curtain, which still exists in the Western minds. In July, 1944, the Soviet army marched into Lithuania. The second Soviet occupation began and lasted for almost five decades. During the first decade, Lithuania fought its war. The basic goal of the guerrilla warfare was aimed at the reestablishment of the Lithuanians’ own state. According to the data presented by researchers, about 4 percent of the Lithuanian population was directly (as partisans) or indirectly (as supporters) engaged in the armed anti-Soviet resistance movement. It was twice more than percentage of people engaged in the Vietnam partisan war. The Lithuanian guerilla war continued until 1953. The last resistance fighter perished in 1969. The book is illustrated with the astonishing photos from this unknown war.

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