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Didžioji str. 17/1, LT-01128 Vilnius, Tel. +370 5 231 4139, Fax. +370 5 279 1033, e-mail centras@genocid.lt
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The Publishing Department

Head: Laimutė Grikinienė
  Tel. +370 5 279 1038, fax +370 5 279 1033,
e-mail: leidyba@genocid.lt

The Publishing Department of the Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania is the only organisation in the country permanently engaged in publishing and disseminating scholarly and journalistic works and fiction on the subject of the genocide and resistance carried out by the occupying regimes. It is a member of the Lithuanian Publishers’ Association. Since 1998, it has participated in international book fairs.

The department publishes the journal Genocidas ir rezistencija (Genocide and Resistance) (subscription index 5290), the continuous publication Lietuvos gyventojų genocidas (The Genocide of Lithuania’s Residents, a list of the names of genocide victims), monographs, studies, collections of documents, memoirs, journals, articles and fiction.

Books published by the centre can be bought in e-shops: www.humanitas.lt, www.patogupirkti.lt.

The publications can also be bought at a reduced price in the Museum of Genocide Victims bookshop (Aukų g. 2a, tel. (8~5) 249 6264) and from the Publishing Department of the Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania (Didžioji g. 17/1, tel. (8~5) 279 1038).

"Genocidas ir rezistencija" (Genocide and Resistance) journal
Continuous publication "Lietuvos gyventojų genocidas" (The Genocide of Lithuania`s Residents)
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Publications which came out between 1997 and 2017
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