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Born on 6 March 1918 in New Britain, USA. Ramanauskas returned to his homeland together with his parents in 1921. In 1936, he graduated from Lazdijai Žiburys gymnasium and later from Klaipėda Pedagogical Institute and Kaunas Military School. From 1940 to 1945, Ramanauskas taught at Alytus Teachers’ Seminary. He was a participant of the 1941 June Uprising. From 1945, Ramanauskas was a partisan and in 1946 he was elected commander of the Merkys brigade. In 1947, he became commander of the Dainava military district. From 1948, Ramanauskas was the commander of the South Lithuania (Nemunas) partisan district. In February 1949, he participated at the congress of partisan commanders from all Lithuania and in autumn 1949, he was appointed the Defence Forces commander of the LLKS (Movement for the Struggle for Freedom of Lithuania) and the First Deputy Chairman of the Presidium Council of the LLKS. On 30 May 1950, pursuant to an act of the Presidium Council of the LLKS, Ramanauskas was awarded the rank of freedom fighter partisan colonel. In 1949 and 1950, he was awarded the 1st and 2nd Class Freedom Struggle Crosses. On 12 October 1956, he was arrested in Kaunas and tortured. He was executed by shooting on 29 November 1957 in Vilnius. Pursuant to a decree of the President of the Republic of Lithuania of 26 January 1998, the rank of brigadier general, retired (posthumously) was conferred on him, on 6 March 1998, he was awarded the 2nd Class Order of the Cross of Vytis (Knight) (posthumously), and on 1 February 1999 – the 1st Class Order of the Cross of Vytis (Knight) (posthumously)
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